Monday, 9 September 2013

Learning Learning by Doing

I think this visual convey a sense of what may be possible @olpcbasecamp2013. If people put their hands, heads and hearts together and come with a sense of adventure they will discover the vast opportunities await them. Maybe with a week or more stay in Asia you will "see the saneness" of the Eastern world as well as its capacity for irrational thought ( I stole Steve Job's quote with a twist as he saw something in his travel to asia).

I think for those who come to pre-basecamp event (Arrive on 13 Nov) we will be visiting a potential future deployment site on the 14 Nov and enroute to the famous Fraser Hill of Pahang near Kuala Lumpur..

I believe we can mix fun with some work and do 3-4 of the 10 things mentioned here in this video. Well historical Melaka will be an intimate part of the basecamp! 

Cheers and check for cheap flights to this part of the world :-)

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