Wednesday, 17 July 2013

baseCamp invitation

Do you need some formality for your participation in basecamp 2013. If this is required please write to us and we hope to provide you with a digital invitation. For students this could be useful for documentation and conference grant :-). However please remember basecamp is not the usual academic conference.

A little history

In the past I have written to a few people to see if people are interested in coming together to discuss OLPC deployments in Asia. The first person I wrote to was Elaine Negroponte, Director of Cambodia PRIDE after reading her heart2heart reply to a donation from an individual in Australia. Her immediate reply to a possible meetup was very encouraging:

"I think not only that it is possible to get together in the Fall but it is a wonderful idea as well.  Maybe we can entice some of people involved in other projects to join. I can think of some people in Thailand who may be interested as a start"

For those who are new to OLPC, click on the web-page below. We are looking forward to hearing their stories that can guide future deployments - years instead of days :-)

We have an event website!

Malacca, a preview 2

Malacca, a preview


and day

4 months to basecamp 2013

We have started to invite people from the OLPC ecosystem to participate in the basecamp 2013. For the next few weeks we hope to get some positive replies. We do not have a program agenda yet -  our focus presently is to extend invitations to people who have dedicated years to OLPC mission. Their experience and wisdom will be invaluable !

Visit our and this blog for update.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Testing olpc BaseCamp2013 website

For those who would like to follow our progress of creating a presence in the web we have started to design a landing page for olpc BaseCamp 2013. Again all the work are dones by volunteers. The temporary link is available below for viewing. Let us know if there are issues with browser, tablets, smartphones, etc

Let us know if you want to help out.
Write in the comment section for feedback, suggestions, etc