Thursday, 16 October 2014

More Musing: 11 months after basecamp2013@Malacca

Yesterday was Oct 16, 2014. It has been 11 months since basecamp2013@Malacca. During this period many things have transpired. To keep the momentum for Malaysian OLPC initiatives I have have been back three times to feed the seeds with the help of friends and volunteers.

The dLEAP project initiated by my schoolmates of MHS with XO laptops sponsorship are benefiting the Orang Asli (OA) children in the SEMOA farm at Tras, Bentong. This impromptu short-interview of the warden at SEMOA describe the changes she noticed over the months.  Personally, I have seen OA children use the XO laptop with high exploratory behaviors which surpass those of urban Hong Kong children that I am more familiar!

To enable more voluntarism and use of XO laptops for different communities the  mOLC  (mobile Open Learning Chest) have been field tested. Some interesting observations are reported in this KopiTiam video made over breakfast while I was back in Malacca recently. Ms Tay who coordinates this is a passionate teacher in Termerloh.

What is next?

For this year, Basecamp2014Trek will kickoff at the Penang International Science Fair on Nov 15-16,2014 with workshops and a exhibition. Sponsorship from dLEAP fundraiser YS Chua will enable three OA children to visit Penang and learn from the fair. This will be an eye-opening experience for them on the world of science and technology.

We will also celebrate XO Day as it is  9 years since the OLPC XO laptop was announced to the world on Nov 16, 2005. Basecamp2014Trek will move south from Penang where we hope to set up a physical basecamp at the SEMOA farm. The timing is perfect as it allows us to celebrate  United Nation Universal Children Day on Nov 20 with the children and for some sharing by the 3 kids after the Penang trip.

On Nov 21 UNICEF will be holding a public forum to launch the State of the World's Children report in Malaysia. Its theme "Innovation for Children" is very relevant to what we are doing and we hope to attend. It will also be an an excellent networking opportunities to meet people with similar passions.

After 21st we hope to visit more old and new sites for possible deployments. Personally when the signs are positive that Malaysian children will benefit greatly from what we do, it is time to look into how to kickstart a social-enterprise project. Our efforts need a more sustainable future in Malaysia.