Wednesday, 11 January 2017

dLEAP into 2017

It has been more then six months since my last blog entry. Alot has happen over this period. The dLEAP initiative in Malaysia is growing in support. Towards the end of 2016,  forty 50 XO4s were shipped by OLPC Asia to support the project. The local team collected the old and worn out XO1 and replaced them with this newer XO4 touch screen model. Each kid was given a bag and towel with a strong message that they were responsible to keep it clean and functioning.

A visit in Jan 10, 2017 confirmed that the children were indeed looking after their laptop.

In the next few months we hope more children will have access to their own XO, There are harder to reach children who lives deep in the jungle with their families. We hope this current group of children will become ambassadors to help their peers in different circumstances.

I have written an evaluation on the 3 years of dLEAP for documentations.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Documenting dLEAP

  It is June, 2016. Since my last visit in December in 2015 I have been thinking of documenting the dLEAP project. Managed to get a written version done with links to videos that capture in  detail how the project evolved over the last 2 years. It was a journey.

Writing the acknowlegement revealed how many people are helping in their own ways.

“together we do so little, Together we can do so much”  - Anonymous

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Malaysia BasecampTrek 2.015 in Pictures (Part 2)

We visited another deployment. There were report of non-working keyboards
.The children were taught to problem solve and repair the XOs themselves.

A video of a session is available here 

                                              Doing the repair himself and in group

First XO repaired by the proud 9 year old kid.

Malaysia BasecampTrek 2.015 in Pictures (Part 1)

 The basecampTrek2.015 visit. 10 XOs where left to the children few months prior.
 Children were asked to document their environment and home.


We visit again 2 weeks later for a review of progress on
what they done. Awesome photos with write-ups


We left  a digital resource wifi Rachel platform for them to manage.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Nov 16 2015

It has been 2 years since "olpc BaseCamp2013: The next journey" and months since I wrote here.

We can now look back over the 2 years to see what have change in the landscape of digital learning platform. The momentum is getting stronger with many new people and organisations doing what we hope to do in the past. This is a good sign indeed.

Today is Nov 16 and it is 10 years since the first XO laptop prototype was revealed. Happy 10 years birthday. Enjoy this shot clip of the past and don't blink towards the end.

Over the next few days olpc BaseCampTrek2.015 will be active in Malaysia. Some of us will visit various mini deployments planted over the 2 years.  While personally I am not able to be there in person this time, I am fortunate however to have done Australia BaseCampTrek2.015. I visited One-Education ( last week  and saw their great team in action.

I had a glimpse of their modular Infinity Laptop which will be launched soon in indiegogo kickstarter this month. You can win a infinity by going to this page:

Keep the next journey alive and enjoy

T.K. Kang

Saturday, 2 May 2015

We are not wasting our time (8 years for me) :-)

Not many people bother to read details of research data for some critical in-depth analysis. OLPC and the XO laptops were designed for children who have no computer access for joyful self-directed learning. I care about fluid intelligence which is important for young children who are growing up fast. The evidences I found so far support this impact when we sieve out other variables and as the right questions.

"There were positive impacts on the Raven's Progressive Matrices test among children who did not have a home computer before the intervention, but no significant effects for the sample as a whole" 

Some positive effects are found, however, in general cognitive skills as measured by Raven’s Progressive Matrices, a verbal fluency test and a Coding test.

This support my observations working with the poor children as a Psychologist who does intellectual evaluation on both rich and poor children. Learning/play tools make a difference in cognitive stimulation and learning.

On a personal note till today I have yet to see a better alternative to the XO laptops. There are many ways to cook something .... with different impact on our taste bugs. Perhaps something will be in preparation for basecamps olpc 2.015 if people are willing to dine, celebrate and work harder.

 XO4All as it will be 10 years this year in Nov :-)

Monday, 13 April 2015

Insights into XO usage

These are not assignments . Some work by children who shared XOs in a community. 

 English translation:

 " Thank you teacher because you gave us an opportunity to learn. We all wish you teacher ... thank you teacher"



"Today I am very happy as I have a gathering of my friends. My friends name are ......and many more. I have forgotten their names. I wish them always healthy. bye2"

How true.....

"This is not just a matter of giving a laptop to each child, as if bestowing on them some magical charm. The magic lies within -- within each child, within each scientist, scholar, or just plain citizen in the making. This initiative is meant to bring it forth into the light of day." 
—Kofi Annan