Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Open Agenda (not hidden)

Yes... basecamp2013 has a little agenda for people to fill in the blanks! With more than 60 people expected at its peak... and organised by volunteers with their own pocket-money, we are free as a bird to self-organise, learn and choose where we want to go. Money or  time is always a constraints .. dreams are not. 

With 2+ weeks to go.... you can still join us:  https://olpcbasecamp2013.eventbrite.com/
or get more information from www.olpc.asia/basecamp2013 or http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC_Asia_BaseCamp_2013 or at FB group
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The Agenda is designed to be open and flexible. Here is a snapshot of it. In the meantime we want people to keep sending in their topics through the forms. On Day 1&2 everybody will get a blank form  We want people to help and be helped!

If you are not coming and like to contribute...with a poster, etc.. feel free to sent it to me.

There is also a google forum for olpc2 discussion:

This is basecamp and not a CLASSROOM venue

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

No Classrooms :-)

When we arrive at the guesthouse venue we will need to be creative, turning common areas into learning areas with digital resources support.  I envision for example schoolservers powered by XOs be used to serve basecamp participants with many other interconnected devices. Some virtual hangouts would be great for global communication.

Let's walk the talk ..do what we preach with right stuff in the wild, setting an example

The "medium and process" is the message.

Sessions will be held in makeshift learning common "campfire" areas where participants can share their stories and work with hard fun!

Be prepared to sit on the floor with comfortable clothings. 

B ring  Y our  O wn  M at  A nd  D evices  (BYOMAD) 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

One month to Basecamp2013@Malacca

NOV 16, 2013 is fast approaching ...

Our main website is ahttp://www.olpc.asia/basecamp2013.

Hope volunteers or participants who are coming can update the wiki that Danishka has started. 

Wiki page!
I have added set of questions based on some of the other event pages. Feel free to add your questions. Later we can provide informative wiki page which will help our community 

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

A Retreat to Dream with action

Yes.. I need a holiday too. Do you need one?

Nice if people can really wind down and take basecamp2013 as a retreat for renewal. It does magic for our bodies, soul and the future of what we want to do. No promise but I will try to see if I could get a bus and transport us to the a nearby beach in Malacca. I think evening of  Day 2 (17 Nov) could be ideal. A smaller group will continue into the third day and the developers can lock themselves to start the XSCE for 18, 19 and morning of 20 Nov.

Relax, Dream and Act  :-)

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Setting up Basecamp2013: What would you come with?

In another 1 1/2 months timel I will have 25 kilos of my personal  belongings plus some equipments to setup basecamp2013. Will have to rely on others goodwill also. Basecamp2013 will cater to about  40 plus basecampers.  

Without any site visit I know that there will be electricity and  free internet. There will be some common spaces to conduct sharing sessions. For sure I know it won't be a classroom environment. There is a need to improvise when the time come. The Boy Scout motto  "Be prepared" is vital for the both the organiser and participants

Similarly when volunteers are deploying technology for learning in poor regions there will be uncertainties - EVEN MORE UNCERTAINTIES.

What would you and your team bring?  Who and what is coming?

If people have great devices, learning gadgets and stuff that they  think must be in a learning chest, please bring it to basecamp2013. We hope to "walk the talk" and with participants contributions,  create a temporary learning space for few days filled with the right tools and initiatives.

Please pack early your deployment learning chest and make your travel arrangement early.

November 16 is fast approaching .....