Thursday, 5 September 2013

From a raw idea to basecamp2013

Proposing and planning for basecamp2013 is an iterative process of learning for me. It reflects the idea of "Learning Learning by Doing" in is true sense for me. I learned patience and how to go with the karmic energy  as the dots get connected.

 Below is a very stitch of some photos to convey the idea that  Malacca could be a hosting town in 2012. As time evolved the phrase "Learning Summit" was replaced with basecamp and the date January was changed to November. By chance Nov 16 was chosen since it  was the beginning of school holidays in Malaysia and Singapore. I was advice that the month of November is ideal as there are cheap flights for overseas participants. It seems  many Asian conferences and tech shows are around this time of the year which make travelling to Asia more appealing. The Nov 16 date was perfect since it also coincide with first announcement of the XO in Tunasia (Nov 16, 2005). A good excuse to celebrate  XO Day with a party :-)

The next 2 months ahead may bring some surprises and disappointments. I keep reminding myself that I have to go with the flow of things as we try to bring people together -  to work on a common goal of improving educational opportunities for children. "Whoever comes is the right people ....". has become my daily mental mantra.

Lot more work to be done by you and me. Thank you.

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