Saturday, 22 March 2014

Wiring up: SEMOA dLEAP Project

Received this posting from the a local volunteer who is responsible for the physical wiring up of the  deployment site. dLEAP project is one of the coming many little deployments in "setting fires" that came about from basecamp@Malacca. A team will be visiting Malaysia in Easter for more followup. We will also implement the mLC (Mobile Learning Chest). This will flip the OLPC model a little :-)

Personally I am obsessed  to keep the OLPC heartbeats alive and strong. We are on a OLPC 2.0 journey track. XO4All

A gotong royong  effort with volunteers from another organisation .... to lay the physical wiring.

"Here's the setup diagram and some rationale behind the design:
- Avoid mains voltage cabling (primarily wooden buildings)
- Centralized power conditioning (rural power swings 190V-265V)
- Remote & simplified management
- Able to cover large areas (deployment site is 1 acre+)
The TP-Link switch (SG3424P) provides power over the network cable so the access points (DAP2553) are wall mounted with just the network cable. The access points are clustered so configuring one configures the rest. Right now, the wireless covers about 400sqm and supports about 130 simultaneous device connections - far more than the poor DSL connection can manage. Centralized UPS provides voltage conditioning and battery backup for School server and network.
I've saved the config files for everything so if another deployment uses the same equip, the setup is about 10 minutes"  Eugene Khoo

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