Friday, 11 April 2014

olpc 2.0: challenge to makers

I made a presentation at the Maker Faire@Shenzhen Educational Panel forum on April 7, 2014. As there were  many makers from all over the world, I took this opportunity to challenge makers to contribute their expertise in building the next device/devices for olpc 2.0. I used Einstein quote and a recent comment of Walter Bender to illustrate a few points on making  learning tools.

I met the Malaysian group whose members  are mainly from Penang Science Cluster (PC). Ha had a nice photo taken together with Dale Dougherty.  PCP will be running a very large Science Fair in Nov 15-16 this year :-). The date struck a chord :-) 

Maybe a reminder that basecamp2014 should continue into Penang as we trek into asia? Let see where the karma of olpc 2.0 will take.

I managed to have long discussions with 2 low-cost motherboard developers to ignite their interest in helping develop Open Learning Platform Devices olpc 2.0. They (and their staff)  were  impressed with the current XO4-touch, and now have a better understanding of  its value and WHY the XO laptop is the best integrated solution for children in harsh environment.

In my talk,  50%  have heard about OLPC, but less then 10% have actually touched one. I found out that Joey Hudy don't own one :-( 

Makers from various part of the world made use of  idle time (during bus travel) to explore the XO4 Touch and are IMPRESSED. A Japanese maker mentioned that the XO is the ultimate geek hacking tool sought after by friends he know. On that note, maybe I will engage this super evangelist for a Japanese sponsored deployment team in the future!

Other highlight is a glimpse into the manufacturing process of products at various Shenzhen factories :-). Manual labor is still needed in the process. Enjoy this Gear Activity that I found fascinating to watch. Just don't stick your fingers in it!

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