Sunday, 2 March 2014

8 Process Steps to start the Malaysia dLEAP deployment

 The dLEAP lauch was on Feb 22, 2014. A day earlier preparation was needed before to get things started.

Pictures tells a thousand words on what we did to get the deployment off the ground on the day itself. Feb 22, 2014 is a day to remember :-)

Deployment Step 1: Personalization of Sugar on XO 

Deployment Step 2: Login into Schoolserver via wireless AP 

Deployment Step 3: Check if all XO are connected to SchoolServer

Deployment Step 4: Registering the XO on the Schoolserver 

Deployment Step 5: Checking if registered and isolating the registered XO 

Deployment Step 6: Roll call using the Schoolserver Master XO 

Deployment Step 7: Let the fun begin, observe the children and what they do! 

Deployment Step 8: Check how the AP is performing and any complaints from children 

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