Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Setting up Basecamp2013: What would you come with?

In another 1 1/2 months timel I will have 25 kilos of my personal  belongings plus some equipments to setup basecamp2013. Will have to rely on others goodwill also. Basecamp2013 will cater to about  40 plus basecampers.  

Without any site visit I know that there will be electricity and  free internet. There will be some common spaces to conduct sharing sessions. For sure I know it won't be a classroom environment. There is a need to improvise when the time come. The Boy Scout motto  "Be prepared" is vital for the both the organiser and participants

Similarly when volunteers are deploying technology for learning in poor regions there will be uncertainties - EVEN MORE UNCERTAINTIES.

What would you and your team bring?  Who and what is coming?

If people have great devices, learning gadgets and stuff that they  think must be in a learning chest, please bring it to basecamp2013. We hope to "walk the talk" and with participants contributions,  create a temporary learning space for few days filled with the right tools and initiatives.

Please pack early your deployment learning chest and make your travel arrangement early.

November 16 is fast approaching .....   

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