Sunday, 11 August 2013

MHS old boys & girls social responsibility project

A  group of old boys & girls of Malacca High School (MHS) is raising funds to get a small OLPC deployment (40 XO)  in Malaysia to support the Orang Asli children. This is a easier deployment since the infrastructure is in placed.  Read about the site visit and the recommendations from my old classmate and a fellow scout!

                                          Function Hall

                                         Existing Library/Lab

I am delighted to share the photos taken during my visit with Tham Kong Weng to Kebun SEMOA located just after Tras, Pahang, after around 1 hour drive from PJ.

Base on my recent visit, I am happy to strongly support and recommend Kebun SEMOA as our educational project which is the 1st for Malaysia for the following reasons ,

1. Well managed community with children who can truly benefit from this educational project.
2. Existing infrastructure and resources for us to leverage on for the implementation and success of this educational project.
3. The real interest and commitment of SEMOA as an NGO towards education for Orang Asli
4. Sustainability of the Educational Project via new children attending this centre in the coming years.
5. Close proximity for our group to visit, volunteer and support this community and educational project to ensure success which is truly meaningful for our Malaysian friends of Orang Asli Heritage.

Kang, appreciate if you can advice the next steps and also share this communication with the rest of our classmates for their pledge of support.

BTW, I have mentioned to Sonia Boey of the  workshop in Malacca and I am happy to fully sponsor her participation in terms of fees,travel, hotel accommodation and meals.

It will be good if you and wife can make a special trip back to KL soon and assist us in the final planning and implementation of this worthy project which will mean heaps to the children.

Thank you for your kind attention and look forward to taking lead on this project.

Best wishes

YS Chua

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